Wind farm in Malibunar officially opened

The Malibunar wind farm, which comprises of four turbines of the total capacity of 8 megawatts, has been officially opened in the presence of the Serbian Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic.

The wind farm is expected to produce 25 GWh of electricity annually which will be enough to supply power to 7,200 households. The wind farm will also reduce the carbon-dioxide emission the area by around 16,000 tons a year.

In addition to the Malibunar wind farm, another one is being built in Alibunar. The latter wind farm will have 21 turbines with the total capacity of 42 megawatts, and will cost 80 million EUR to make.

Malibunar and Alibunar were chosen as the optimal locations for the two wind farms after a detailed analysis of wind power and the quality of the terrain had been carried out. Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic said, at the opening, that Serbia was increasingly becoming a country of green energy, and that it was getting closer to its goal, i.e. for 27% of the total generated electricity to come from renewable resources by 2020.

“By the end of 2018, Serbia will have had an opportunity to generate 250 megawatts of electricity from wind”, Antic said and added that there were several other wind farms under construction, of total power of 500 megawatts, in Serbia at the moment.

The Malibunar wind farm was constructed by the Belgian company, Elicio with the financial help from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

(N1, 18.10.2017)



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