Wimmer: “Kosovo is a country which foundation rests on quicksand”

“This whole story about (Serbia) joining the EU by 2025 is just Angela Merkel’s way of trying to run away from her chancellor duties” – says Willy Wimmer, the former spokesman of the German leading party, CDU and the former Vice President of the OSCE’s parliamentary assembly.

“When you say, in 2018, that a problem will be resolved in 2025, it becomes very clear that you are not interested in actually resolving the problem,” said the German politician in an interview for the Vecernje Novosti daily.

Wimmer also says “Kosovo is a state which foundation rests on quicksand.” Furthermore, Wimmer says that the way in which Yugoslavia was destroyed continues to be used to further the collapse of the international order created by the UN Statute and the Helsinki Accords.

“The Paris Charter from 1990 bans wars in Europe. As soon as that happened, Clinton and Albright suddenly appear in Europe to ‘defend’ the global interests of the United States. What are witnessing now is building up the aggression against Russia”, the German politician adds.

“In terms of the global US policy towards Russia and others, the Serbian people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Belgrade was the first hot spot of a major rivalry orchestrated by the United States. The 1999 war had much to do with the United States’ idea of destroying the Russian influence in the Balkans,” explains Wimmer.

According to him, the US establishing the Bondsteel military base in Kosovo is actually about controlling oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian region and the road / railway network in the region.

“And the issue of Kosovo was and still is a topic of discussion between Israel and its neighbours in the context of the future of the Middle East,” Wimmer says and adds that Kosovo’s independence goes against all valid UN postulates.

“This is the reason why five EU members did not recognize Kosovo’s independence. If they do, they would face the same situation in their respective countries as we can see today in Catalonia. Kosovo as a state exists only as a result of the US intention,” the German politician says.

(B92, 11.03.2018)



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