Will there be war in Kosovo after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict ends? – Russian ambassador’s opinion

The conflict between the West and Russia will last a very, very long time and no one dares to predict how much. Can Kosovo wait that long, without the threat of war looming over it?

A legitimate question arises – is there time and should Serbia wait for a hypothetical favourable outcome of the war in Ukraine? And what if Russia does not win the war?

The Russian ambassador to Serbia, Aleksandr Botsan-Kharchenko thinks that the final status of Kosovo should be determined after the end of the conflict between the West and Russia and “in other geopolitical conditions”, after the end of the “conflict with the West on the territory of Ukraine” in which “Russia will surely win”.

In an interview with the Beta news agency, Botsan-Kharchenko also said that he understood that the French-German proposal for solving the Kosovo issue was not acceptable for Serbia, because it foresees Serbia’s not opposing to Kosovo becoming a member of the majority of international organizations.

“Unlike the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1244, the French-German plan is not the basis for a long-term solution to the Kosovo issue. And this plan, like all the previous ones, foresees unilateral concessions by Belgrade, primarily in regard to Kosovo becoming a member of all international institutions and the United Nations. The French-German plan essentially represents the international recognition of Kosovo’s independence. The West openly insists that Belgrade must recognize Kosovo’s independence,” Botsan-Kharchenko noted.

“The war in Ukraine will probably last less than the conflict between the West and Russia, and it is best to end it immediately so that each army stays on its own land. Conflict is a broader concept than war. The Cold War lasted almost half a century. Not a single soldier and not a single civilian on either side was killed in it. It is difficult for the current conflict to last any shorter in any scenario. Can Kosovo wait that long, without the threat of war looming over it? I don’t think so”, Srećko Đukić, former Serbian ambassador to Belarus, says for Danas daily.

According to Radomir Dikić, the former Serbian ambassador to France, the views of the Russian ambassador clearly represent a “wind in the sails” of all those in Serbia who believe that the French-German plan, which is now officially an EU plan and supported by the USA, should be rejected.

“Through its ambassador, Russia has so far very clearly and openly supported all pro-Russian parts of Serbian society, whether it is political parties as a whole or a part of their membership, the Serbian Orthodox Church, some intellectuals and the civil elite,” Dikić believes.

(Danas, 10.09.2023)


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