Will the validity of COVID passes change?

The Belgrade media have announced that during the month of December, mainly due to the end-of-year holidays, a change in the validity of COVID passes is expected. According to the Vecernje Novosti daily, their validity will be moved from 20:00h to 18:00h.

Some doctors from the government’s Crisis Response Team have been saying for days that the validity of COVID passes should be extended to last the whole day. However, this has been rejected and this option is no longer on the table.

When it comes to school holidays and the winter break, a member of the Response Team, Dr Branislav Tiodorović, spoke about it on Monday, saying there are two options on the table – for the school break to start on 15th or 25th December. “We are closer to the second option,” he said, but also noted that the final decision would be made in agreement with the Ministry of Education.

Asked whether the lockdown would be reintroduced in Serbia, as in Austria, Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dačić underlined that the Crisis Response Team, i.e. the government of Serbia, has to decide, but he thinks it is a hardly viable option.

(B92, 23.11.2021)


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