Will the prices of motor fuels go up again following a change in regulation?  

Although the government amended the Decree on Capping the Prices of Crude Oil Derivatives and increased the margins applied by petrol stations at gas stations from 13 dinars to 16 dinars per litre of Eurodiesel and Europremium BMB 95 petrol, this will not massively affect the price of fuel at petrol stations, since the price of derivatives is formed on based on many factors, among which, above all, is the global price of both diesel and petrol.

This is one of several changes in vendors’ margins which was last increased in February of  2023, from 9 to 13 dinars per litre.

With the amended Decree, the prices of Euro diesel and Euro Premium BMB petrol are limited until July 27, because the capped prices were extended in late January for another six months.

The prices of these two types of fuel change every Friday until 3 p.m., and since last Friday, a litre of Euro-diesel costs 203 dinars and BMB 95 petrol 190 dinars. Compared to the week before, a liter of diesel is 2 dinars more expensive and petrol is three dinars more expensive.

According to the Secretary General of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia, Tomislav Mićović, the Decree has been in force since March 10th, 2022 and it has been amended several times since then.

He adds that the margin petrol stations charge should not be equated to profit as petrol stations use the margin to pay taxes and cover the operational costs of a petrol station, which have substantially gone up in the last two years.

(eKapija, 04.04.2024)


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