Will the Japanese hire 1700 workers in Sabac?

Representatives of the Japanese holding Jazaki visited the city of Sabac and spoke about the finalization of the contract for the opening of the factory. Jazaki officially registered the company Jazaki doo Sabac on May 9th and has invested one million Euro. According to their plans, 1,700 people will find work in this factory, which will produce electrical systems for the automobile industry.

The mayor of Sabac, Nebojsa Zelenovic, declared that the city has negotiated with this company since February of last year and that due to these negotiations, the investors did not choose to invest in Bulgaria. In order to respect the agreement and maintain a positive business relationship, the mayor only made the name of the Japanese company public after the arrival of the representatives.

Zelenovic reminded the public that Sabac’s industrial zone, which consists of a 200-hectare free zone, offers excellent conditions for investors. She highlighted the fact that Sabac’s city government responds to all requests by investors in only thirty-five days and five Italian companies already do business in this city for this reason.

Nevertheless, the local government confirmed, the largest obstacle is the relationship with the government. They remember that there had been attempts to send the factory to Kraljevo or Krusevac, but the Japanese eventually prevailed. Moreover, Sabac’s employment office made a terrible impression when it refused to present data on the workers qualified for footwear production, but the local government was able to organize a meeting of the representatives of the Italian government with potential workers, 150 of which could possibly find work.

In fact, Sabac’s industrial zone is the largest in Serbia, and so far, the city has invested 10 million Euro in its infrastructure. Serbia’s National Employment Service Registry contains 12,000 people. In addition to the foreign investments in the industrial zone, 400 people are expected to find work with local companies.

(Danas, 05.16.2016)

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