Will the free trade agreement signed with China make Serbia a colony?

The vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dušan Nikezić, estimated that the free trade agreement with China would only make Serbia’s status as a colony official.

Dušan Nikezić called on Finance Minister Siniša Mali to “do something in the interests of Serbia” for a change and to “limit the export of ore, increase the mineral rent, introduce a tax on extra profits for their over-exploitation and an obligation for foreign companies to process ore in Serbia”, in order to revive the metal processing industry.

Nikezić also underlined that that was the only way to ‘change the attitude of Chinese and other foreign investors towards Serbia’s most valuable resources, which we have an obligation to preserve for future generations’.

“In the first five months, Serbia’s deficit in trading with China went up to EUR 1.36 billion, 32 per cent more than last year. At the same time, more than 90 per cent of our exports to China are cheap raw materials, such as copper ore and lumber, while we import expensive computers, telecommunications and medical equipment,” Nikezić warned, and added: “How long will we have to suffer loss if we sign these types of agreements which countries with much more developed economies, like the EU or the US, would never sign?” Nikezić wonders.

(Nova, 10.07.2022)





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