Will the BIP premises be turned into a residential complex?

The Autočačak Company has bought the Belgrade beer, malt and soft drinks industry (BIP) for 2.09 billion dinars, as the only bidder that submitted its offer.

According to the Danas daily, Autočačak bought BIP in cooperation with a German company and sources say that the possibility for the brewery to continue producing beer is very low and that the BIP premises will be used to build a residential complex.

The Agency for Licensing of Insolvency Practitioners had estimated the assets of BIP at 4.18 billion dinars and since Autočačak’s offer was more than half of the estimated value, it was accepted and the buyer will now be obliged to pay the money within 30 days.

The owner of Autočačak’, Milenko Kostić, has not yet made any statements on the matter, but the buyers are expected to give their official statement soon.

A well-informed source of Danas, who wished to remain anonymous, said that it was a good thing that a domestic company bought BIP and added: ‘The buyer will most likely not continue the beer production, but the space where the factory is located near the motorway segment in Belgrade will be used for the construction of a residential and commercial complex with hotels’.

(Danas, 18.08.2021)


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