Will Greece be the first EU country to change its position and recognise Kosovo’s independence?

There is a very real possibility that the five EU countries that have not recognised Kosovo’s independence – Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania – will change their position, even before the deadline set out in Scholz’s and Macron’s 13-point plan. Greece is currently the closest to recognition, say diplomatic sources.

That is to say, the latest 13-point plan of Germany and France, as written in the media, for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the final normalisation of relations based on mutual recognition also envisages that all the remaining five EU countries recognise the independence of Kosovo in order for the agreement to achieve full legitimacy at the EU level, writes Danas daily.

As Albanian Post and Kosovo Online report, the new plan promoted by the French President and the German Chancellor envisages a new framework for dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, which would require the two sides to reach a final formal agreement on recognition within the next 10 years, which will be a prerequisite for both countries’ EU membership.

“If the proposal is accepted, Kosovo’s independence will be accepted by the remaining five EU countries, while Serbia will receive significant financial assistance and be recognised as a regional power,” the Albanian website reports.

Of the five remaining countries, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Cyprus, Greece is currently the closest to recognising Kosovo’s independence, according to Danas’ sources from diplomatic circles.

“Greece is the closest to this decision because it currently treats Kosovo in all respects as an independent state and it is only a matter of time when it will formally do so,” Danas writes.

Until now, Greece has not recognised Kosovo because of that country’s interests and the regional dynamics of relations, but the main Balkan problem Greece had – the dispute with North Macedonia – has been resolved. They have no other obstacles for the independence issue except Cyprus, sources say.

(Nova, 21.09.2022)


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