Will China’s Zijin continue digging near Belgrade immediately after the elections?

After opening mines near the town of Bor in Eastern Serbia, the Chinese company, Zidjin, has the same plans for the area near Belgrade, since it had started digging operations near the Kosmaj Hill.

Due to public pressure, the company stopped the excavations although citizens fear that it is just pre-election propaganda and that the excavations will continue after the elections.

Zijin Mining Bor decided on Tuesday to abandon further geological research in the area of Babe-Ljuta Strana in Kosmaj, near the municipalities of Barajevo, Sopot and Vozdovac. As reported by the company, at the moment, they cannot obtain the required permits, so the research is suspended.

The first to inform the public about this were the members of Eko Barajevo ecological movement. Marko Popovic from this organization told Nova.rs that Zijin made the decision to stop digging due solely to public pressure and that he expects that the excavations will continue immediately after the elections.

“Existing agreements with the Chinese company can be implemented even after the elections. For them, the cessation of research for several months means nothing,” Popovic warned.  

“We found out that they (Zijin) were granted exploration rights for the area of Bajina Basta, Kosjerić and Ljubovije for the same mineral ore. The fact that the Chinese have withdrawn from the location means absolutely nothing,” Popovic added.

Popovic has no dilemmas about whether the project will resume after the elections: “I am convinced that the project on Kosmaj will continue after the elections, but not right away, or rather only when the elections are done and a new government is formed. Also, we expect that the harmful practice of non-transparency, which is our main problem, will continue,“ he concluded.

(Nova, 23.02.2022)


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