Will 11th November become a crucial date for Kosovo and Metohija?

Is 11th November really going to be a crucial date when it comes to resolving the Kosovo problem when several statesmen will meet in Paris – the French historian Alexis Troude wonders.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s Paris meetings with French and US counterparts Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump in November could bring about the long awaited progress in untying the Kosovo knot, Belgrade’s Vecernje novosti reported Monday.
On November 11th, the three presidents will attend a military parade marking the centenary of the victory in WWI.
„It is quite possible that this symbolic moment will bring create a favourable climate for Belgrade to negotiate at least some details. This would not be anything unusual for Serbia, since it happened many time before throughout history that a solution is reached in the very last moment“, the French historian adds.
The President of France, Emmanuel Macron personally invited President Vucic to attend the ceremony.
In a letter he wrote to Vucic, he says that he invited “the leaders of countries which army forces fought in Europe between 1914 and 1918, the countries that sent army contingents to fight in Europe and the countries that sent a large number of workers to support for war efforts to come to Paris on 11th November”, Tanjug reports.
All of the top level guests at the ceremony marking the centenary of WWI, including the president of Serbia, will be later guests of the French president at lunch in the Elysee Palace, after which they will attend the opening of the Paris Peace Forum, dedicated to the world affairs and challenges of today, as well as the solidification of world peace, in the light of the lessons learned from the First World War.
European leaders, whose views regarding the final solution for Kosovo and Metohija will certainly be taken into account, are also going to attend the high level meetings in Paris.
Can we expect that Macron and Trump will respect President Vucic’s position that the negotiations on the final solution for Kosovo will not end in a way that leaves Serbia empty handed?
Optimists would say there is a possibility, since there is a very clear stance towards the Kosovo issue, as voiced by Angela Merkel statement that the Kosovo borders were not going to be changed.
The meetings in Paris will come after Vucic’s numerous diplomatic activities. On 15th September, he is due to meet with Vladimir Putin, and with the Chinese President, as well as various diplomats and officials who, like Vucic, will attend the autumn session of the UN General Assembly.
(B92, 20.08.2018)

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