Why you should study in Serbia?

Serbia is a relatively small country in Europe and the home of around 7.3 million people. With over 26 ethnic groups on its territory, this is a country that’s immersed in diversity in every area. That being said, Serbia currently offers a chance for international students to join their turbulent, yet amazing academic life. If you’re interested in studying abroad in Serbia, you’ll be amazed by the number of opportunities, academic institutions, and accommodations available to students. 

About Serbia

Located in Southeastern and Central Europe right at the crossroad of the West and the East, Serbia is the home of one of Europe’s oldest cities, Belgrade. Its friendly approach toward international students means that you don’t need a visa to enter the country. Without any unnecessary, complex endeavours, you can easily enrol in one of Serbia’s universities. 

Now, let’s go into the reasons why this is a great choice for your education.

The Bologna Declaration

This is one of the 47 countries that have signed the popular Bologna Declaration, which means that they ensure the standards and quality of higher education institutions based on renowned, world-accepted methods. More importantly, the Bologna process facilitates the recognition of various studies, allowing students to easily transfer their experiences between academic institutions due to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

Excellent Academic Opportunities

Serbia is currently the home of 10 private and 6 public universities, all of which accept international students. Most of these are located in their two major cities, the capital Belgrade and the beautiful Novi Sad. In these cities, you can find universities that offer options to study in English, which eliminates the need to learn the Serbian language before you enrol in their institutions.

The three most popular universities at this point are the University of Belgrade and the European University in Belgrade, and the University of Novi Sad. The first choice, the University of Belgrade, currently counts 31 separate faculties you can choose between. You can study subjects like social sciences and humanities, engineering, or pick majors such as philosophy and finally explore all those philosophy essay topic ideas you are interested in. 

Depending on where you choose to study and what kind of scholarship you pursue (if any), you’ll need to pay an affordable tuition of around 500 and 2500 Euros per year. 

The Nightlife

The crazy and exciting nightlife in Belgrade is known across the Balkans and all of Europe. If you check some lists for the best parties in Europe, you’ll probably find Belgrade in it, maybe even at the very top. This is one of the cities that never sleep because whenever you feel like it, you can go out and choose between many parties regardless of the day of the week. 

This is excellent for prospective academic students because very often, the academic burden can become overwhelming. When this happens, you can go out and let the steam off, relax with friends and make unforgettable memories. Just don’t forget to buy coursework at writix.co.uk in order to meet all those deadlines you have for school. You’ll be in Serbia to study, so failing to meet deadlines is definitely not an option, and this writing service is excellent at lending you hand, privately. 

Fun Student Lifestyle

Many of the international, as well as domestic students who study in Serbia live in the nice student dorms. This is quite the adventure. You’ll get to meet amazing people, make lifelong friends, not to mention integrate in their society as soon as you step foot in the country. 

Keep in mind that dorms in the Balkans are rarely similar to campus dorms. These can be located further from the academic institution you pick and may accept students from different institutions, too. Regardless, it is a student lifestyle that is fun and crazy, so you shouldn’t miss out on it. 

Amazing Culture

The history and culture immersed in the Serbian territory are impressive to say the least. You’ll get a chance to visit some historical locations and amenities that are unique to this country and its culture. Make sure that you check out the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade to get a real insight into the culture of the former Yugoslavian Republic. Or, enjoy a stroll in the unique and fascinating Belgrade centre filled with contemporary art, lively restaurants, and of course – the crazy nightlife. 

And of course, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the Balkan Peninsula. Everything is close when it comes to Serbia and it’s really easy to move around. Check out the neighbouring countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Romania. This part of Europe has some of the most affordable accommodations, making it the perfect travel hub for students on a budget. 


Speaking of affordability, one of the biggest upsides of studying in this part of Europe is the affordability. Serbia is one of the most affordable countries for living and studying in the world. It is an exceptional destination and yet, it’s more affordable than many European countries. 

This will give you the chance to get a cheap rent, food, and even nightlife. An apartment with two or three bedrooms that you’ll share with others can cost around 250 to 390 Euros in the city centre, not to mention if you pick something that’s further away. This will give you a chance to live on a budget and live without any big restrictions, as well as to cover your student debt much faster and more efficiently.

You should also know that some programs in Serbia offer scholarships and various student funding services. You may be eligible to get a student discount card and use it in many places around the city, as well as a nice scholarship that will cover most of your expenses. 

The Bottom Line

Serbia is an amazing country to visit and an even more amazing one to study in. Since it is highly affordable and has a great nightlife, it has become quite the hit among international students. There are plenty of reasons why you should study in Serbia, including their great educational institutions and the quality of education. 

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Elizabeth Skinner is a content writer who works for an academic paper writing service based in the US. She works remotely, which gives her a chance to roam the world and look for new and amazing places. In addition to working to help students, Elizabeth also posts blogs and articles on numerous pages and magazines online. 

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