Why is there no announced unification of democratic opposition parties under DS?

Almost three months have passed since the creation of the union between the Democratic Party, Social Democratic Party and Alliance for Serbia). If nothing unexpected happens, these three parties should officially unify in September into a single Democratic Party (DS).

Little has been done since the creation of the union until today. There has been no more talk of a single political organization publicly, and even the opposition leaders themselves no longer mention legal unification and the creation of a large DS party.

Although the signed agreement stipulated that meeting was going to be held in September to formally unite, everything is now debatable. The Democrats are dealing with internal problems after the DS president, Zoran Lutovac, decided to take action to have two members from the local party branch in Ruma expelled, with the party’s statutory committee overturning the decision.

“The impression from the start was that everything is proceeding rather slowly towards the unification of the DS. The idea was to formally unite in September, but this is no longer mentioned. We need to plan an assembly and get the SDS members, who are already in the DS base, to get their membership card verified which is a job that can be completed in a few days, but of course, nobody cares,” a Blic source says.

The newspaper tried to get answers from the headquarters of the new future political party, but no one responded to the messages except Lutovac. The DS leader says that everything is going as planned.

“The Democratic Party is politically united and acts unambiguously mainly through the joint presidency, a wider presidency, the board of directors and through the establishment of local alliances. And that is what counts the most in the process of unification, i.e. creating internal cohesion and acting together for the benefit of citizens,” said Lutovac.

Waiting for September?

Some say that the full-fledged formal unification will be carried out as soon as the conditions are met, even if nobody has specified which conditions as yet.

The SDS leader and former DS president Boris Tadic, as well as the head of the Alliance for Serbia, Nebojsa Zelenovic, did not comment for the Blic daily what was happening with unification.

The three parties announced unification during the demonstrations held on 19th May under the slogan “Democrats Together”.

Several candidates for the leader

It remains to be seen who will be the leader of the new party after the formal reunification.  “There are several candidates for the position with every political group having someone who thinks they can be the leader of a large organization. We hope that an agreement will be easily reached,” says the Blic source.

(Blic, 29.07.2019)



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