Why is there milk shortage in Serbia?

There have been milk shortages reported across Serbia with shelves being empty or half-empty in Belgrade, Čačak and Kraljevo all the way down to Niš.

The shortage started a few days ago with the lack of long-life milk, but the alarm went off when it became impossible to find fresh milk in the shops.

“It’s no secret that there is no milk, and what is even more disastrous is that there is nowhere to import it from Europe,” warned producer Nenad Plazinić from the village of Mršinci near Čačak, writes ‘Nova.rs’,

Dairies have reportedly reduced production by 30 per cent, Nova.rs learns. There could be two reasons for the shortage. The first lies in the fact that the low purchase price has forced many livestock farmers to reduce the number of cows, and the second, lesser known, concerns the large export of milk. The quantities that arrive sell out quickly, so shop shelves are mostly empty, causing concern among buyers.

“There will be less and less milk because there are fewer and fewer cows in Serbia, and the reason is the low purchase price offered by dairies, but also the weak interest of the state in helping milk producers more concretely,” reports one producer. “The production of raw milk has decreased. The purchase price has had a direct impact on this. According to some projections, dairies have reduced production by up to 30 per cent in the last month. That is a lot. On the other hand, no one knows how much milk Serbia exports to the European market. This is probably why the available quantities of milk in our shops have decreased,’ a source from one of the Serbian dairies told ‘Nova.rs’.

According to the regulation on price restrictions of October last year, all dairies and milk producers in Serbia are obliged to market the same amount of milk they sold last year at the same price.

(Seebiz, 31.08.2022)



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