Why is Serbian opposition not conducting an election campaign?

The combined Belgrade and local elections were called for June 2.

One of the biggest opposition groups, the Serbia Against Violence, soon after split into political parties that will participate in the elections and those who have decided to boycott them. Also, Sava Manojlović’s Kreni-Promeni Movement, which did not take part in the December elections, will participate in the upcoming elections as an independent candidate.

The opposition parties who decided to take part in the elections say that they had not started an election campaign as yet due to the extended national holidays in Serbia when municipal administration and notaries public were off work so the parties could not hand over their election tickets. They do note that they will launch an election campaign immediately after they hand over their candidate tickets to local authorities, which is part of the election registration process.

A researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Dejan Bursać. says that such a lukewarm campaign is not typical for the local context. A stronger election campaign by all participants was expected, he adds.

“I think there is no usual campaign for three reasons. The first is that we had prolonged national holidays, which practically lasted ten days, and the voters were not that interested in hearing about the elections in that period”, explains Bursać and adds:” The second reason is that the opposition is surprised by the fact that the local and Belgrade elections would take place at the same time on June 2nd. In that short period of time, they must first perform all the administrative tasks, which concern forming coalitions, submitting election tickets and the like. The third reason is the fact that the SNS applies a slightly different tactic when it comes to local elections, which consists of directly approaching voters in door-to-door campaigns and in direct contact.  Of course, I expect Aleksandar Vučić to get involved in this election too. So, I expect the campaign to pick up pace in the coming days”.

(Danas, 08.05.2024)


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