Why does Trump want Serbia in the anti-Huawei coalition?

The Chinese hi-tech company, Huawei is one of the major suppliers of Telekom Serbia and the agreement recently signed by President Vučić in Washington could include Serbia into the coalition of countries that want to expel Huawei from their markets.

One point of the agreement, as reported by the Free Europe website, refers to the construction of infrastructures for the 5G network.

“Both sides will ban the use of the 5G network in their network infrastructure, which has been purchased by untrustworthy customers,” the agreement says. It also added that both parties undertake to promptly remove such equipment and to take other necessary measures where such equipment has already been installed.

The agreement further reads: “Both sides will work towards the advancement of technology and the prevention of illegal activities by applying screening and information systems, including PISCES, APIS, ATS-G and SRTP.”

Huawei already supplies Telekom Serbia with various landline network segments, fixed access devices, IP / MPLS network, optical transport network, and platforms for payTV services.

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There are no functioning 5G stations in Serbia, although conspiracy theorists have linked 5G with the spread of the coronavirus.

In April 2020, the Electronic Communications Regulatory Agency (RATEL) announced that it had issued four individual temporary licenses for the use of radio frequencies for the purpose of testing the 5G network in the city of Belgrade; one to Telenor and three to Telekom Serbia.

After completing the tests and the expiration of temporary licenses, the mentioned base stations have been deactivated. The 5G spectrum auction was supposed to take place this year, but has been postponed for next year.

In Serbia, Huawei is welcome and cooperation with the Chinese company has never been questioned. In Serbia, Huawei has agreements with several government ministries and the most problematic agreement is with the Interior Ministry, regarding the installation of 1,000 Huawei facial recognition cameras.

(Nova Ekonomija, 08.09.2020)




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