Why did the EU ban import of eggs from Serbia?

The EU’s ban on importing chicken eggs from Serbia is still in force because our eggs don’t match the relevant European standards.

The Serbian Agriculture Ministry does not have precise information on when this problem could be solved. Apart from this ban, there is also another one in place – the transport of Serbian eggs through EU countries is not allowed.

The European Union standards prescribe that there one chicken in a henhouse must have a space spanning at least 750 centimetres, and in Serbia, the standard is 550 centimetres.

The executive director of the Rebra Komerc Company, Rade Šćepanović, states that, in addition to a certain square footage per hen, they also need to have bars for resting, so they are not standing on the wire all the time, a darkened area with a plastic mat, where they can lay eggs, and proper ventilation.

He says that, as a country, we have met several requirements regarding keeping hens, primarily the ones pertaining to salmonella, labelling, European weight classes and registration of package centres.

He explains that Serbia has enough eggs for domestic needs and that he does not expect the price of eggs to increase during Easter.

“Serbia has enough eggs with five percent of them of the total production exported,” Šćepanović added. He also noted that the farm price of eggs in Serbia is 0.12 EUR per egg, while in the neighbouring countries it ranges from 0.16 to 0.18 EUR.

 (N1, 31.03.2023)


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