Why did only 59 opposition MPs vote for Vučić’s dismissal?

Only 59 of the 94 MPs who declare themselves as opposition signed the initiative to investigate and act upon the violation of the Constitution of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, because his name is on the candidate lists for local elections on June 2, which is against the relevant election regulation.

Some opposition members state that they did not sign the initiative, because they were not in person at the parliament at that moment, others believe that it is a complex issue that needs to be discussed, while others are of the opinion that there is no reason to launch an initiative to remove Vučić.

To remind, one-third of the deputies can submit an initiative to dismiss the president of Serbia, which the Constitutional Court is obliged to decide on within 45 days, and with the votes of two-thirds of the deputies, the president can be dismissed from that position.

It is clear that the opposition does not have a two-thirds majority to remove the president, but they have a sufficient number of deputies for the decision to be considered by the Constitutional Court.

Dragomir Anđelković, a political analyst, believes that the balance of power in the Parliament is such that the dismissal of Vučić is unrealistic, but on the other hand, that does not mean that the initiative to make it happen is useless. On the contrary!

“That is a suitable platform to open a reasoned discussion about various aspects of Vučić’s trampling of the constitutional order, from abuses of power to what is, in accordance with Article 114 of the Republic of Serbia Constitution, undoubtedly obvious treason in his handling of the Kosovo issue. It would be inadmissible to ignore the latter”, Anđelković states.

He adds that the initiative must also include that issue in order to have weight. Electoral manipulations cannot be more important than undermining the territorial integrity of the state.

Lawyer and former MP Aleksandar Olenik believes that any initiative that can further expose the authoritarian regime of Aleksandar Vučić makes sense and all the methods that would expose it should be used.

“It would be very good if the Constitutional Court judges were obliged to declare themselves on such an initiative. I am confident that the Constitutional Court also has a decent number of judges who would preserve their personal and professional integrity and would not allow them to be manipulated by Serbian politicians”, says Olenik.

Commenting on the fact that a number of opposition members did not sign the initiative, despite the fact that the majority is against Vučić helming all the local electoral candidate lists, even though he is not running for any position, Olenik says that not all MPs who call themselves oppositionists are that either.

(Danas, 20.05.2024)



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