Why are Serbian doctors leaving the country in droves?

Each year, an average of 600 doctors leave Serbia abroad in search of better jobs.

This is about 40 percent of all medical doctors who graduate annually, which means that about 1,000 doctors will remain in Serbia.

If we take into account the fact that, in the next nine years, Serbia will lose around 7,000 specialists who will be eligible for retirement, as well as the fact that the education of a specialist doctor lasts between three and six years, the question arises whether there will be anyone to treat the population of Serbia.

The above are some of the data presented in the “Research on the departure of doctors from Serbia to work abroad”, which was jointly conducted by the Centre for Emancipation Policies and the Union of Doctors and Pharmacists of Serbia.

The research also showed that according to the data of the National Employment Service (NES), there are 1,269 doctors registered as unemployed, of which 67 are specialists.

As noted, doctors hired on a fixed-term basis or hired on a project basis are also counted as employed, so the actual number of doctors without a secure job is very likely even higher.

Job insecurity, low wages, workplace mobbing and exposure to violence are some of the reasons why doctors leave Serbia.

According to research data, most doctors left Serbia in 2016.

That year, 799 doctors obtained a document called the Good Standing Certificate, which is required for medical doctors when applying for work abroad.

(Danas, 20.12.2022)


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