Why are groceries cheaper in Germany than Serbia?

It may sound strange, but food and cosmetics in Germany seem to be cheaper than in Serbia.

Readers of the Nova.rs portal have documented the prices in shops in Germany, which were then compared with the prices of groceries in Serbia.

The average salary in Serbia is 63,109 dinars or 536 euro, while in Germany it is around 1,600 euro.

In November last year, the most expensive litre of cooking oil in Serbia retailed from 145 to 179 dinars. In Germany, the price is 140 dinars.

Eggs, bread and milk cost a little less in some shops in Serbia, but if we take into account the German standard, there is no difference, because they should be much cheaper in relation to wages.

Flour is also the same price in Germany as in Serbia, when it is not discounted. Sugar of higher quality has the same price in both countries, as does sugar of lower quality.

Products such as toothpaste, hair shampoo and dishwashing liquid are almost half the price in Germany compared to Serbia. Finally, Nutella or chocolate bars cost less in Germany.

(Nova, 06.04.2021)



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