Who will get higher salaries in 2022?

The Serbian state budget for 2022 envisages significant increases in pensions and salaries for public sector employees, although not in a linear fashion.

Pensions will be increased in 2022, after a significant reduction at the beginning of the SNS party’s term of office. The Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, explained that the Swiss formula is now being applied when it comes to calculating pensions.

The application of the Swiss formula resulted in an increase in pensions of 5.4% in 2020 and 5.9% in 2021. By its nature, this formula is more generous to pensioners when GDP is falling or growing more slowly. On the other hand, when economic growth is higher, inflation grows more slowly, so the increase in pensions is lower than the economic growth.

In the first quarter of 2021, the average net salary in the health and social services sector was 74,236 dinars, the State Bureau of Statistics has said. If we take this amount as a basis, the salary of doctors will increase by about 6,000 dinars or more precisely, 5,930 dinars.

According to the Ministry’s report in February 2021, the average salary in the army is 84,036 dinars. Army personnel will get a 6,700 dinar salary increase, with first class sergeant majors getting significantly less and major generals significantly more.

The average net salary of employees in public enterprises was (according to data from the State Statistics Office) 72,113 in August this year. This means that the average increase was 5,769 dinars. However, the average salary in state-owned public enterprises in August was 82,823 and in local public enterprises 63,144 dinars.

Additional measures:

– From 1 January 2022, the minimum wage will be 35,012 dinars;

– The non-taxable part of salaries has increased from 18,300 dinars to 19,300 dinars;

– Payroll tax will be reduced by an additional 0.5%.

(Nova, 19.12.2021)


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