Who will be the next mayor of Belgrade?

There are only several months left until local election in Belgrade, and the public is speculating about candidates for the mayor’s office. Political parties are not in much of a rush to reveal their candidates, or other parties they are willing to form coalitions with.

One thing is sure – opposition parties are not going to join forces prior to the election. It is also interesting to note, that no public surveys have been done about the possible outcome of the Belgrade election, as it was the case with the presidential election.

Aleksandar Vucic is still keeping his cards close to his chest, and nobody knows whether he will nominate just one candidate for the position of the Belgrade mayor or several of them. What is noticeable that the current Belgrade mayor, Sinisa Mali, the city manager, Goran Vasic and the president of the Savski Venac municipality, Irena Vujovic have all stepped up their activities in the field in the last few weeks.  A source of the Blic daily, that is close to the governing party, says that Vucic is preparing a surprise in terms of mayoral candidate, but that is all the source is willing to reveal.

President of the Novi Beograd municipality, Aleksandar Sapic is the first to announce his candidacy. He also says that he is not going to join any coalitions prior to the election. Although, there have been several claims made on the social media that Sapic is very close to Vucic, he vehemently denies this.

The ex-presidential candidate, Sasa Jankovic announced a while ago that he would go separate ways from the Democratic Party due to the fact that the Democratic Party’s president, Dragan Sutanovac announced that he would send the new draft Constitution for perusal to everyone on the political scene, including Aleksandar Vucic.

As far as the Democratic Party’s candidate for Belgrade mayor goes, the most serious are General Sreto Malinovic, the deputy president of the party, Tamara Tripic, and, as of recently, the former Serbian ambassador and director of the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), Aleksandar Crkvenjakov.

Sasa Jankovic remains mum about his plans for the Belgrade election. There are speculations that he might run for the mayor, and Vuk Jeremic, also a former presidential candidate, might support him.

The head of the Dveri Movement could support Jeremic’s candidacy, but that is quite unrealistic since Jeremic has not said anything about running of for the mayor’s office. He has told his closest associates that he doesn’t know anything about running a big city, and that that position was not for him.

There is also a chance of Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli running for mayor, considering that he did well at the presidential election by winning 9% of the votes.

(Blic, 10.09.2017)


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