WHO survey: Which country is the best for raising children?

The World Health Organization (WHO), together with UNICEF and the scientific journal Lancet, has compiled a list of 180 countries based on the qualities that allow children to properly develop and have a bright future.

Some of the factors taken into account are healthcare, education, nutrition and child mortality. Countries were also compared on the basis of the amount of carbon dioxide they emit and their negative contribution to climate change.

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Norway and South Korea occupy the top two places on the list, while the Netherlands is in third place.

However, in the second list, which takes into account the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per capita, Norway ranked 156th, the Netherlands 160th and South Korea 166th respectively.

In the region, Slovenia is in front of everyone, in the 25th place, and is considered a high-income country according to the World Bank’s classification.

Montenegro is in 34th place, while it is in the 115th place on the second list, just behind Croatia, which emits 54% more carbon dioxide than the world’s 10-year target.

Unlike Slovenia and Croatia, Montenegro is in the category of middle-income countries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was ranked 38th on the positive list, which places it in the same group as Montenegro in terms of wage levels, but it was the worst on the list of regional countries in terms of harmful gas emissions since ranked 146th (it emits 181% more carbon dioxide than expected).

Serbia, which is considered a middle-income country, is in the 48th place in terms of countries that are good for raising children, while it occupies the 126th place in the list of polluting countries, because it emits 89% more carbon dioxide per capita than it should.

(Vecernje Novosti, 20.02.2020)


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