Who is the wealthiest person in Serbia?

The Forbes list of the wealthiest people in the world shows that the number of billionaires decreased by 87 and that their wealth has declined by 400 billion dollars.

As expected, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are still at the top.

Wealthy people from the former Yugoslav republics are also in the running. What is particularly interesting is that the difference in the wealth of the two richest Serbs is measured at less than 200,000 euros.

According to the ranking of the 100 richest people in the region (ex-Yugoslavia, excluding Slovenia) are worth together 69 billion euros. The list of the 100 richest in the region was made by experts from two renowned consulting companies working on the New York Stock Exchange, reports Mondo.me.

According to that list, 48 Serbian billionaires have a total of 33 billion euros, and 27 billionaires from Croatia 24 billion euros.

The first on that list is Dubravko Grgić from Croatia (Agram Group) with 2.84 billion euros of personal wealth. Grgić is known in Croatia as the “King of Insurance”.

The net worth of Miodrag Kostić from Serbia stands at 2.78 billion euros while his company, MK Group, earned 300 million euros last year alone.

Right behind Kostić is Miroslav Mišković also with 2.78 billion euros. He is the owner of Delta Holding, which operates in agribusiness, export, import, representation of foreign companies, distribution of consumer goods, car sales, real estate development and development of new technologies.

Next on the list are businessmen from Croatia, Silvio and Robert Kutić and Izabel Jelenić (Infobip) with a net worth of 2.5 billion euros, followed by Mate Rimac with 2.27 billion euros. Rimac is known as the manufacturer of the fastest electric car in the world.

Another Serb is on the list too – Petar Matijević (owner of the Matijević meat industry) estimated to be worth 1.6 billion euros and Dejan Čakajac and Jadranka Stepanović (Mozzart betting shops) with a fortune of 1.35 billion euros.

(Biznis i Finansije, 24.04.2023)




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