Who is the typical Serbian migrant?

If we were to sketch a portrait of a young migrant from Serbia, who wants to work on his future beyond the borders of this country, we are talking about a man, between the ages of 20 and 24, who lives in the city, usually with his parents or renting an apartment, is a high school or university graduate, is unmarried and unemployed and has relatives or friends abroad.

The main reason why he is considering leaving the country is the adverse economic situation, the impossibility of finding a job here, i.e. the possibility of finding a better-paid job abroad, corruption, the lack of rule of law, and also the impossibility of career advancement. Among the motives that drive a young migrant to move abroad are family reasons, the desire to pursue further education or a new lifestyle, as well as the unstable political situation.

Reasons for remaining in the country include friends and family, owning a home, patriotism and a sense of belonging to the country, a good job and a good lifestyle in Serbia, overall satisfaction with his life and the desire to help the development of his local community.

These are some of the most interesting conclusions from the research conducted by Dr Danica Šantić, a professor at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade, titled “Investigating the attitudes and intentions of the population regarding relocation and determining the impact of migration on demographic ageing in four local self-government units, with the aim of formulating recommendations for the creation of measures of population policies”.

Referring to the fact that the cost of brain drain, according to the OECD estimates, amounts to about 9 billion dollars, Dr. Šantić explains that young people emigrating abroad has major demographic consequences, which are primarily reflected in the ageing of the population, the reduction of (optimal) fertile contingent, reduction of work contingent and loss of human resources, i.e. social capital.

Unfortunately, the number of young people in Serbia has been continuously decreasing since 1981 and this research shows that about half of young people from Serbia, aged between 20 and 25, are thinking about leaving the country.

(Politika, 20.11.2022)


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