Who is the best provider of mobile phone services in Serbia?

For the third consecutive year, the Electronic Communications Regulatory Agency (RATEL) has conducted a national benchmark study, measuring and analyzing the quality of mobile phone services available to end-users in Serbia.

According to the results of the report just published, Telekom Serbia scored best in 2019, while Vip mobile ranked second best in the overall result, with a better quality of voice service in all categories.

With the implementation of the VoLTE service (voice transmission via 4G), Vip mobile has surpassed the third-ranked operator, Telenor.

To assess the overall performance and positioning of each of the mobile networks, four main types of services were tested: voice service, data service, web browsing and the use of YouTube.

The objective of the mobile network benchmarking is to objectively compare the quality of the mobile service from the customer’s point of view by measuring the quality parameters, which RATEL does in collaboration with the Systemics PUB Company.

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Benchmarking report covers 50 cities and 10,000 km of roads in Serbia. Over 6,000 calls and 3,500 sessions for each of the data services in each of the operators’ network for all available technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) were analyzed.

Benchmarking of the mobile network was conducted between October and November 2019, so the measured and calculated values of the quality parameters, as well as the total result, refer only to that period.

(Nova Ekonomija, 18.12.2019)




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