Who is Igor Isailović, Siniša Mali’s attorney?

The purchase of the building in Kralja Milutina Street by Ramid Company, which is co-owned by Ljiljana Bozovic, wife of the controversial Kosovar businessman, Zvonko Veselinovic, has once again brought lawyer Igor Isailovic back into the spotlight.

Isailovic is a controversial figure known for his participation in many affairs involving government members, mainly those related to Siniša Mali.

The Ramid Company paid 4.1 million euro at a public auction for the aforementioned building. According to the Center for Local City Administration, lawyer Igor Isailović also participated in the purchase.

The lawyer, close to key figures in power such as Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali, has already worked for companies owned by Zvonko Veselinovic and his family and has also done legal work for his wife and business partner who took over the Ramid Company.

The company already owns buildings in the capital and, as BIRN wrote last summer, was involved in the sale of 75 apartments in a newly built seven-storey building for the price of 1,600 euro per square metre.

Isailovic also undertook to change the ownership structure of the Inkop Company from Ćuprija when Zvonko Veselinovic, his brother Zarko and close friend Milan Radoicic officially took ownership of that company, which until then, was owned by Veselinovic’s sister, Dusica Maksimovic.

Igor Isailovic’s name also came up in the purchase of the Beogradjanka building.

In early September, the MPP New Project Company bought a part of the business premises of Palata Beograd (the Belgrade Palace). According to official data from the Business Registry Agency, the purchasing company was founded only two weeks before buying a segment of Palata Beograd, on August 26.

However, it turns out that this company is the daughter company of the much more infamous Marera Properties, which did confirm that it had purchased the Beogradjanka business tower.

The documents kept by the Business Register Agency indicate a link between Igor Isailovic and Marera Properties.

The real owner of Marera Properties is a Russian businessman, Vladimir Zubrilin, mentioned in the Panama Papers for his offshore dealing.

As mentioned, Igor Isailovic is closely connected with top government officials and has participated in privatizations and important government business.

Investigative journalists also mentioned Igor Isailovic in connection with the former head of the Belgrade chief city planner, Milutin Folic.

As KRIK reported, Folic posted photos of his summer vacation in Greece on his Instagram page where he is seen in the company of Isailovic and several other people.

“Folic started collaborating with Isailovic in March 2019, only two months after the expiration of his mandate as the main city planner of Belgrade. The two of them founded the Sillage Company, via which they entered the mediation regarding the sale of some of the most valuable properties in Belgrade. Isailovi left the company, which is now managed by Folić, less than a year later,” KRIK writes.

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Sillage sells luxury apartments in the Belgrade Waterfront development, the elite complex K-District in Dorcol, then in Kapija of Vracar, in the Zemun residential complex Taurunum XXI and in The One complex in Novi Beograd. These apartments are among the most expensive in the country because one square metre of real estate here costs from EUR 2,000 to over EUR 8,000.

The general public learned about Isailovic and his connection with Sinisa Mali and Ana Brnabic thanks to numerous discoveries by investigative journalists, mainly from KRIK and BIRN.

In an interview with KRIK in 2017, Sinisa Mali’s former wife Marija said that the current Minister of Finance, then-mayor of Belgrade, and her lawyer Igor Isailovic persuaded her to write a statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency stating that Sinia Mali had received 95,000 euro in cash from her late father in the period from 2013 to 2016.

She also said that Isailovic was the closest collaborator of Siniša Mali and that he knew all the business endeavours of then the mayor of Belgrade.

Isailovic also worked as a lawyer at the Grand Kafa Company and they met there when Sinisa Mali was in charge of negotiations regarding the sale of that company. Isailovic was just starting his career at that time when Mali took him under his wing and founded his own company.

As the Raskrikavanje website revealed, Isailovic registered a company that bought Vecernje Novosti daily for 2.5 million euro, whose owner is businessman Boban Rajic from Smederevo. When Rajić was the director of the Dunav Company, Isailovic monitored his work as a member of the supervisory board.

(Nova, 06.11.2020)




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