Who is Aleksandar Jovicic, an SNS official, arrested yesterday?

Aleksandar Jovicic, the head of one of Belgrade’s biggest municipalities, Palilula, was arrested on Thursday, charged with allowing illegal construction.

The Palilula municipality chief Aleksandar Jovicic, a high-ranking official of President Aleksandar Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), was arrested with seven others by officers of the police anti-corruption department and Organized Crime Service acting under orders from the Higher Public Prosecution Special Section against corruption. All eight are suspected of breaking the law to allow illegal construction work.

Jovicic was arrested with the head of the Palilula Municipality inspection services chief and six inspectors. Jovicic was charged with taking more than 28 million dinars from developers between July 2016 and November 2018.

Jovicic has been a member of the SNS since 2008. He heads the party youth wing, holds the position of vice-chair of the SNS Executive Committee and head of the party councillor group in the Belgrade City Assembly. He was also an SNS MP, elected to parliament in 2014.

His official biography states that he was born in Srebrenica and that he finished elementary and high school in Belgrade. The official website of the municipality of Palilula states that he has a degree in economics, while Istinomer writes that he graduated from the Technical School of Transport and that from 2008 to 2011, he attended the Belgrade School of Economics, where he obtained the title of economist in post-graduate studies.

Jovicic also worked in the company Gorenje as a sales manager. It has been speculated that he was close to Nebojsa Stefanovic and that, thanks to him, he was appointed president of the Palilula Municipality. A few years ago, Jovicic praised Stefanovic’s work at the Ministry of the Interior, but recently voted for Stefanovic’s dismissal at the meeting of the municipal council of the SNS party in Palilula.

(Nova, 03.06.2021)


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