Who are the wives of Serbian politicians?

Usually living in the shadow of their powerful husbands, the wives of Serbian politicians are not often seen in public and little is known about them. Here is more information about the wives of some of the more prominent Serbian politicians.

Tamara Vučić, wife of Aleksandar Vučić

The Serbian first lady grew up in Loznica, where she graduated high school. After that, she graduated from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology. After a long career as a television journalist, she chose diplomacy as her vocation and has been working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia since 2010. In the meantime, she has also graduated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy. She is actively involved in humanitarian work and regularly participates in charity events, especially those focused on the welfare of children and the importance of early development. She has been married to Aleksandar Vučić since December 2013. In June 2017, they had a son, Vukan. She speaks English and French.

Julija Obrenović, wife of Boško Obradović

After his first marriage to piano teacher Vesna, with whom he has three children, failed, the Dveri leader met Julija Obrenović seven years ago. She was also divorced, with two children from her first marriage. A year later they were married in a church in Vranići near Čačak. Julija has chosen to keep a low profile.

Milica Stojanović, wife of Nikola Selaković

Serbian Foreign Minister, Nikola Selaković and his long-time girlfriend, Milica, were married in the Church of St Sava in 2017. Milica Stojanović has a degree in philology and comes from a traditional Serbian family, which, as stated, is very important to Selaković. They have three children together.

Milica Šapić, wife of Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Šapić

Aleksandar Šapić secretly married his long-time girlfriend Milica a few years ago. At the time, there was speculation that Mrs Šapić had previously worked as an erotic model which the former water polo player objected to. She allegedly left that job because of her love for Šapić and retired from public life. Today the two have two sons, Maksim and Fedor, and Milica is now a full-time mother, focusing on their children’s education.

Snežana Marković, wife of Jagodina’s mayor Dragan Marković Palma

The leader of the Jedinstvena Serbia political party has long been married to his wife Snežana, with whom he has two sons – Dalibor and Darko. The two met when they were very young – Dragan was 19 and Snežana only 16 years old – and subsequently married. Allegedly, her parents were not too keen on their daughter marrying so young, but the marriage survived to this day. Snežana keeps a low profile, chooses not to be a part of public life and dedicates most of her time to her family.

Ana Ružić, wife of Education Minister Branko Ružić

Unofficially the most beautiful of Serbian politicians’ wives, Ana Ružić worked in a well-known national pharmaceutical company. As her husband once said, she dropped out of college (was studying political science) in her third year to start a family. However, she later obtained a higher vocational education diploma. Ana was also active in the Serbian Socialist Party (SPS), but left a position in the party. She no longer participates in politics and has devoted herself to raising their children.

Ana Stefanović, former wife of Defence Minister Nebojša Stefanović

Nebojša Stefanović and Ana married in 2009 and their daughter Nina was born in 2012. They also had a son, Filip. From 2009 to 2011, Ana Stefanović was the director of a newspaper publishing company. In January 2010, she founded another company but sold it to her business partner in 2013.

Nataša Vulin, wife of Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin

Nataša Vulin works as a marketing director in a media company. Although her profession is media-related, she chooses not to participate in public life much, except when it comes to attending events related to the company she works for. Nataša and Aleksandar have two children.

Sanja Dačić, wife of the former National Parliament Speaker Ivica Dačić

Ivica and Sanja Dačić have two sons – Luka and Andrej. Ivica once said that Luka is a “war child” because his wife Sanja spent her pregnancy in a shelter during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Sanja, unlike other women married to politicians, often followed her husband. The two were attracted to each other, among other things, because of their love for politics and met in the Socialist Party premises. As a young man, Dačić often visited the party headquarters where Sanja, then a student of the Italian language, worked.

Maja Vučević, wife of Miloš Vučević

The mayor of Novi Sad and his wife Maja have two sons – Danilo and Mihajlo. Apart from the occasional public event or voting day, when she usually accompanies her husband, Maja rarely partakes in public life. She is a kindergarten teacher.


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Photo credits: Nova.rs, Foto: Vesna Lalić, Antonio Ahel/ATAImages

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