Who are the politicians who wrote the letter against Vučić to Western officials?

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said on August 8 that he had seen a letter from a group of European and American parliamentarians demanding a tougher policy towards Serbia and that the list of signatories was as expected.

The letter was addressed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and European Commissioner Josep Borrell, as well as British government minister James Cleverley.

The list of signatories as well as the letter was published on Twitter on August 7 by British MP and Chair of the Foreign Policy Committee, Alicia Kairns.

In her post, Kairns says that “10 Chairs of Foreign Affairs Committees and 56 Parliamentarians have called on the US, EU & UK to change our approach to Kosovo and Serbia. We need deterrence diplomacy, where we ensure there is balance in our dealings, and we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

In addition to Kairns, the letter was signed by Žigymantas Pavilionis, Member of Parliament of Lithuania, President of the Foreign Policy Committee, Marko Mihkelson, journalist and politician, member of the Parliament of Lithuania and chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee, member of the EP group of liberals Renew Europe, Anton Hofreiter, member of the German Parliament, from the ranks of the Greens, president of the Bundestag’s Foreign Policy Committee and Bob Menendez, Senator, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Senate of the US Congress.

Other signatories include Oleksandr Merezhko, member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee, Bjarni Jonsson, Member of Parliament of Iceland, Green Left Movement, Sarah Champion, Labour MP, member of the International Development Committee of the British Parliament, Ritchie Torres, US Congressman, Charles Flannagan, Chairman of the Irish Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee, previously held positions in both the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rihards Kols, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Parliament of Latvia, Lia Quartapelle, Deputy President of the Committee for Foreign and European Affairs of the Parliament of Italy, from the Democratic Party, and Lukas Mandl, member of the European Parliament’s Gender Policy Committee.

The list also includes Bob Stewart, a Conservative Member of the British Parliament, Thijs Reuten, a member of the European Parliament from the Socialists and Democrats group, Boris Mijatović, a Bundestag member and an MEP, Flick Drummond, a member of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, Baroness Helic, Peer, House of Lords, UK, Earl of Sandwich, Peer, House of Lords, UK, Lord Purvis of Tweed, Peer, House of Lords, UK, Baroness Fall, Peer, House of Lords, UK, Gustaf Gothberg, member of Foreign Affairs Committee at Swedish Parliament and Helmut Brandstaetter, MP from Austria.

(Danas, 09.08.2023)


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