Who are the people involved in beating the protesters together with the police?

During yesterday’s protest in front of the Serbian Parliament, which caused unprecedented clashes between the police and numerous protesters, dozens of men in civilian clothes were noticed in the crowd, whose task seemed to be to help the police officers to confront the angry uprising citizens.

The presence of these “unknown and suspicious civilians” was noted by other citizens who followed the protests in the media and the discussion of whether they were members also police officers but in plainclothes, or some other formation, or notorious hooligans, sparked a debate.

The majority of the public shares the view that criminals in civilian clothes are actually the leaders and members of hooligan groups, which is not surprising considering that their links with the ruling regime and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) have been revealed countless times.

Photos of “civilians” in action were circulating on social networks and numerous people have claimed that the leaders of the notorious Janjičari group were among them, including the controversial Veljko Belivuk, called “Velja Nevolja”. His presence in front of parliament last night, however, has not been confirmed with certainty.

Belivuk has a thick police dossier and some media outlets, along with his best friend Aleksandar Stanković who was murdered years ago, accuse him of being the direct link between the hooligans and the government leadership.

Many said that the way these “civilians” treated the citizens was the best indicator that they were not professional police officers, but people who had perfected their brutal beating techniques over the years in clashes at football stadiums.

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A group of protesters could feel the brutality of the mysterious “civilians” on their skin; many were armed to the teeth, so one wonders whether the police went a step further by arming their accomplices.

It is even more irritating that the politicians in power did not try to hide their connections with these groups, which years ago had also participated in special operations.

The director of CRTA, Rasa Nedeljkov, asked for the resignation of police chief Rebic, and when asked if the men in civilian clothes could come from criminal circles, he replied that that would not be surprising at all.

“Remember the President’s inauguration when the same people attacked and harassed journalists, but also many citizens who had gathered in front of the Serbian parliament that day,” Nedeljkov underlined.

(Nova, 08.07.2020)


Photo credits: Goran Srdanov / Nova.rs

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