Who are the donors of the Belgrade election campaigns?

Basketball player, who plays for BC Fenerbahce and the Serbian national team, Ana Dabovic has donated 900,000 dinars or about 7,500 EUR towards the Belgrade election campaign of former Mayor Dragan Djilas. So far, Djilas has received a total of 9.5 million dinars in donations for the campaign.

One of the bigger donors is also Multicom Group which is owned by Djilas himself.

Judging by the information posted on the official website of the ‘Dragan Djilas – Belgrade Decides, People Win’ candidate list, these are the only two donations that are higher than the average salary in Serbia.  “We will reveal all our donations on the website, in accordance with the relevant Law. We will not bribe vulnerable groups to make donations towards our campaign. We receive donations from people willing and able to give them”, Dragan Djilas says.

On the other hand, his main rival at the election – the Serbian Progressive Party – is yet to reveal on its website the contributions towards their election campaign. This, however, does not mean that the party has not received any donations as yet, because, under the relevant law, candidates are not obligated to publicly reveal the information on their donors and contributions, unless these donations exceed the amount of the average salary in Serbia.

It is a well-known fact that the Progressives have more donors than any other political party or movement (there were about 7,000 of them prior to the presidential election), and that more than 90% of them are just below the average salary in Serbia.  

Since the beginning of the election campaign in Belgrade, the Democratic Party has received 39 donations in the total amount of about 4.7 million dinars. The donors are mainly party officials, and the largest amount donated was 200,000 dinars.

All election candidates will also receive the money from the city budget for their campaigns. A total of 37 million dinars has been allocated for this purpose. However, 20% of that amount, about 7.4 million dinars, is allocated prior to the election. Providing that all candidate lists apply for these funds, they would each receive about 307,000 dinars.

The remaining 29.6 million dinars is divided after the election, and the amount received will be proportional to the number of assembly seats won.

(Blic, 21.02.2018)


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