Who are the biggest landowners in Serbia?

Years ago, the first three places on the list of the largest landowners in Serbia were occupied by Petar Matijevic (owner of Matijevic meat company), Miodrag Kostic (owner of MK Group) and Miroslav Miskovic (owner of Delta Holding).

Now the situation has changed with only Matijevic remaining in the ‘top 3’. He is accompanied by the little known Miroslav Aleksa from Pancevo and the much better known Al Dahra, reports Blic.

It is also interesting to note that, in addition to Aleksa, other lesser-known entrepreneurs have decided to invest their money in land, so they have found themselves at the top in terms of the number of hectares they own and cultivate, but still cannot match the old but also the new investors.

Matijević is still No 1. Until recently, he cultivated just over 35,000 hectares of agricultural land, of which he owned 29,000 hectares. After the purchase of the Mirotin Group from Vrbas, he came into possession of the Sava Kovacevic farm, thus increasing the existing land he owns by another 4,000 hectares. He now cultivates 40,000 hectares, 33,000 of which are his own.

The second place goes to Miroslav Aleksa, founder and owner of the Almeks Company in Pancevo. According to Agrosmart, Aleksa cultivates about 20,000 hectares, rents half of it and owns another half. According to data on the company’s website, he owns seven properties in Vojvodina with eight farms.

The third place in terms of the number of cultivated hectares is occupied by Al Dahra, which in 2018, bought the property of the Belgrade Agricultural Corporation (PKB), which included 17,000 hectares of arable land. If we look at hectares owned, Al Dahra, which headquarters are in Abu Dhabi, would be in second place, and in third place in terms of the size of the area it cultivates.

According to Agrosmart, the owner of Delta Holding, Miroslav Miskovic, is in fourth place with around 13,000 hectares that his company cultivates in total, and of which it manages around 10,000.

The MK Group is in fifth place today, which lost its second position after selling many of its properties, some to Matijevic. It now cultivates 12,500 hectares instead of the previous 19,000.

Krsta Coric, owner of the Coric Company from Basaid, occupies the sixth position. He owns around 12,000 hectares, half of which he rents. His company used to sell agricultural machinery, but has been engaged in livestock breeding for years.

(Vesti-online, 08.09.2021)


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