Who are the biggest exporters in Serbia in the first ten months of 2021?

The Zijin Bor Copper with 626.9 million euros and HBIS with 619.6 million euros of exports rank first and second place of the list of the 15 largest exporters to Serbia from January to October, the Ministry of Finance has announced.

In third place in terms of exports is the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) with 395.5 million euros, it was announced at the presentation “Current Macroeconomic Trends”. The total exports of the top 15 exporters amounted to 4.4 billion euros.

With exports of 356.1 million euros, Tigar Tyres from Pirot is in fourth place, while Henkel Srbija is in fourth place with exports worth 301.2 million euros.

The list of the biggest exporters is followed by Leoni from Prokuplje with 283 million euros, Yura from Rača with 262.1 million euros, Fiat Serbia from Kragujevac with 255.7 million euros and Grundfos from Indjija, whose exports in this period amounted to 200.6 million euros.

Among the biggest exporters are also HIP Petrohemija with 193.6 million, Robert Bosch with 190.5 million, Serbia Zijin Mining from Bor-Brest with 179 million, Hemofarm from Vršac with 175.8 million, Philip Morris and ZF Srbija from Pančevo, which exported goods worth 169 million and 168.1 million euros respectively.

(RTS, 25.11.2021)



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