Which sector has the highest average salary?

According to the data collated by the Serbian Statistics Bureau, the average net salary in August amounted to 49,773 dinars or 421 euro.

The highest average net salary in Serbia in August was paid out in the air traffic control sector – 133,879 dinars, which is almost three times the average salary in the country. The average salary in mining services in August amounted to 111,951 dinars, while those working in computer programming and consulting activities received 111,215. These are also the three economic segments where the net average salary in August exceeded 100,000 dinars.

Out of the 18 economy segments covered by the statistical analysis, workers in seven of them earn above the state average, while workers in 11 economic segments earn lower wages.

People working financial activities and insurance activities received almost two average net salaries in August – 89,390 dinars, while those working in the supply of electricity, gas and steam had the average net salary of 83,194 dinars in August. Information and communication specialists received 81,999 dinars on average, while miners received a net salary of 78,392 dinars.

Civil servants, particularly those working in the social insurance sector, received the average net salary of 57,649 dinars in August, those in education 52,184 dinars and those in real estate 49,913 dinars.

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The average net salary food and beverages preparation was 29,697 dinars.

In contrast, employees in accommodation and food services in August had the average net salary of 31,719, and in other service activities, 38,280. These two activities are the only ones where the average net salary is under 40,000.  People working in art, entertainment and recreation earned 41,426 dinars in August, while those employed in wholesale and retail trade and motor vehicle repair received 41,696 dinars.

Difference between highest and lowest salary 104,182 dinars

Employees in financial services earned 99,420 dinars in August, and those in tobacco production 95,526 dinars. In August, the people working in exploitation of crude oil and natural gas received 95,793 dinars on average while for the employees in scientific research and development, the average salary in August was 94,789 dinars.

Those employed in the production of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations got 87,154 dinars in August, coal mining workers 81,882 and employees in insurance, reinsurance and pension funds 86,359. The earnings of workers in the production of coke and oil derivatives in August were 78,231 dinars, in telecommunications 72,992, and in advertising and market research 72,482.

In contrast, the employees in the food and beverage service sector received the average net earnings of only 29,697 dinars, those who work in otherwise unspecified personal services 30,480 dinars, wood processing and wood products 31,524, maintenance of buildings and environmental services 35,690 , textile production 33,430,  and leather and leather products 33,430 dinars.

(Blic, 30.10.2018)



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