Which public sector workers are paid the most?

A total of 609,609 people work in the public sector in Serbia, official statistics show. Their average salary of public sector workers in August was 88,592 dinars.

However, the average salary doesn’t apply to school teachers, which are paid less than the national average in contrast to public company employees whose average monthly salary exceeds 100,000 dinars.  

The average salary in Serbia in August, according to the latest published data of the State Statistics Office, was 86,112 dinars.

Employees in the education and culture sector have salaries below the average (5,448 dinars below the average), followed by employees of local public companies and local administration. Employees in health care and social work have a salary that exceeds the average by only 88 dinars.

When it comes to the number of employees in the state and provincial (Vojvodinian) administration, there are a total of 134,458 of them. Their average salary in August of this year was 98,915 dinars for employees in the state administration and 97,146 dinars for civil servants working for the Vojvodinian administration.

However, the best salaries in the public sector, according to official statistics, are in public enterprises founded by the state – 100,845 dinars a month.

The average salary of a healthcare worker is 86,200 while the average monthly salary of education and culture workers is 80,664 dinars.

(Biznis i Finansije, 03.11.2023)


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