Which jobs are in demand in Serbia now?

In the first six months of the year, the Serbian National Employment Service received about 30,000 requests from employers who needed workforce.

The number is lower than in the same period last year, but at the same time, more workers, about 12,000 of them, found employment.

“There is still some stability in the labour market despite this critical situation that prevails throughout the world. Thanks to government measures we have not had an increase in the number of unemployed in our database, so on average the situation is the same as in previous years. I believe we will maintain this stability until the end of the year,” said Zoran Martinović, director of the National Employment Service.

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Mechanical and civil engineers, blacksmiths, welders and construction workers shouldn’t have to worry. One of the biggest job advertisers on the Internet confirms that there are 3,500 active advertisements for this type of jobs every day, just like before the crisis.

There is bad news, however, for cooks and waiters who, due to the collapse of this year’s tourist season in the countries of the region, have worked in the usual locations this year. Unfortunately, in addition to this, the need for their workforce in the national tourist centres is insignificant.

If, on the other hand, you need a plumber, an electrician or a painter, you must arm yourself with patience; despite the great demand for these professions, there is no interest in them and the number of available plumbers, electrician and painters/decorators is insufficient to cover the market’s needs.

According to the latest data, about 350,000 Serbian citizens working abroad have returned home or lost their jobs due to the crisis. Many are waiting for the situation to calm down to start looking for a job abroad again, but it is realistic to expect that quite a few of them will stay and look for a job at home.

(Jugmedia, 03.08.2020)


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