Which country is the biggest alcohol consumer and where Serbia stands?

The World Population Review website has published data from the World Health Organization on average alcohol consumption in the world, i.e. the consumption in each country expressed in litres of pure alcohol for beers, wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages on an annual basis.

According to the data, the average world consumption was 6.18 litres, while Europeans top the list.

According to the survey, Czechs drink the most (14.26 litres), followed by Latvians (13.19), Moldovans (12.85), Germans (12.79) and Lithuanians (12.78).

Irish people (12.75), Spaniards (12.67), Ugandans (12.48), Bulgarians (12.46), and Luxembourgers (12.45) also rank high.

In Serbia, on average, the average consumption is 8.85 litres. Men drink 14.09 litres and women 3.93 litres.

In neighbouring Croatia, the average alcohol consumption stands at 8.73 litres of alcohol. Men also drink much more than women – their statistic says 13.96 litres, while women drink 3.99 litres a year on ave4rage.

Slovenians drink significantly more – 12.11 litres on average. Slovenian men drink 18.86 litres per year, while Slovenian women drink 5.67 litres.

(Biznis i Finansije, 13.11.2022)


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