Which country has the wealthiest citizens?

The inequality in wealth among European countries is very large. On average, a Swiss citizen has more than ten times more wealth than a citizen of Poland or Hungary.

According to the Global Wealth Report, the richest European countries are Switzerland and Luxembourg, with an average citizen possessing 650,000 euros and  556,000 euros worth of assets respectively. The average Slovenian, who is somewhere in the middle of the scale, has about 106,000 euros worth of assets, while Croats are at the bottom of the list with less than 67,000 euros in assets.

The Global Wealth Report 2023, prepared by UBS and Credit Suisse, measured the average wealth per adult in different countries. They defined wealth as the value of financial and real assets (primarily real estate), minus individual debts. Average wealth was also measured.

Apart from the two leading countries, the citizens of Nordic countries, especially Iceland, Denmark and Norway, have great wealth. In all three countries, adult citizens have an average of more than 350,000 euros in assets.

People living in the largest economies on the continent are in the middle of the scale. According to the report, the average French citizen has assets of 296,000 euros, the German 243,000 and the Italian 210,000 euros.

The region of Eastern Europe, especially the Balkan countries, lags behind quite a bit. In Croatia, an adult has on average about 67,000 euros in assets, a resident of Serbia more than 32,000, and Bosnians about 31,000 euros. At the bottom of the scale is Turkey, where the average citizen has only 16,000 euros worth of assets. Such data are a consequence of the economic challenges these countries face, including lower wages and less developed financial markets.

(Biznis i Finansije, 06.06.2024)


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