Which companies in Serbia are the biggest tax debtors?

The Mera Invest Company, owned by Marko Miskovic, is the largest tax debtor in Serbia and owes the state 1,084 billion dinars, or 9.1 million euro, according to a list published by the Serbian Tax Administration.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime, Mera Invest used the transfer of shares of the Niš Road Company from one company to another, owned by Miskovic, to avoid paying tax. Marko Miskovic and his father, Miroslav, were sentenced to one year’s house arrest this year, i.e. two years and six months in prison, for this offence.

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In second place is Šabac-based Magma Prom with a debt of 990.4 million dinars, i.e. over eight million euro. This company was involved in the investigation against Miroslav Bogicevic’s Farmakom Company.

In particular, in 2017, the organized crime prosecutor’s office arrested several employees of Srpska Banka on charges of illegally granting loans to Farmakom and other companies which allegedly forwarded the money to Farmakom as soon as they received the loan.

One of these companies was Magma Prom. The prosecution suspected that, in this way, Farmakom had illegally acquired more than 1.8 billion dinars, or more than 15 million euro.

In third place on the list of active debtors is Dunav Agregati A.D. with 787.5 million dinars of debt, in fourth place Termol from Belgrade with 772.4 million dinars and in fifth place is Prodexim, also from Belgrade, with 726.1 million dinars of tax debt.

The ten largest debtors owe the State about 7 billion dinars, or 59 million euro.

The number one place on the list of legal entities that had their tax identification number temporarily removed is Epolon IBR with 981 million dinars of debt, followed by Slobex Oil with 946 million dinars and Hadzi Invest with 902 million dinars of tax debt.

(Kamatica, 12.12.2019)




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