Which companies are the biggest tax debtors in Serbia?

The largest tax debtor among active companies is the Magma Company from Šabac, which owes just over 1 billion dinars (around 10 million euros) in unpaid taxes, the Serbian Tax Administration announced.

This company was, at one time, a member of the Farmakom Group and has been investigated for allegedly taking out illegal loans.

In the second place, with a slightly smaller debt, is Mera Invest, with 1.06 billion dinars worth of unpaid taxes. This company is owned by Marko Mišković, son of Delta Holding’s President, Miroslav Mišković. Both have already been tried for tax evasion.

The Termol Company from Leštan is ranked the third biggest tax debtor. The company produces paper products and owes 891.8 million dinars in taxes.

In fourth place is the construction company Ratko Mitrović AD with a debt of 396.5 million dinars.

Further on the list is PIK Pešter from Sjenica with a debt of 354.5 million dinars and Fexiko from Belgrade, which has not submitted financial reports for the past few years.

In seventh place is the clothing production company Novitet from Novi Sad with 285.7 million dinars in debt, and in eighth place is the well-known construction company Bauwesen from Lazarevac, which, despite owing substantial amounts of money to the state, regularly does projects for the Serbian government. Bauwesen’s director was recently arrested on embezzlement charges in relation to the projects his company did for the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS).  

In total, there are 283 companies on the list companies, with the last one owing more than 20 million dinars in unpaid taxes.

Nevertheless, nominally speaking, the largest tax debtors belong to a group of bankrupt companies, namely two banks that have been bankrupt for 20 years – Beobanka, which owes 34.5 billion dinars, and Beogradska Banka, with a tax debt of 18.5 billion dinars.

The third place, among bankrupt companies, is occupied by Zastava AD, with a tax debt of 8.6 billion dinars.

(Danas, 02.04.2023)


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