Which are the most powerful passports and how does Serbia fare?

The ranking of the most powerful passports in the world has been published by the Passport Index website and the UAE passport ranks first out of 96 countries.

UAE passport holders can travel to 180 countries worldwide without a visa.

The second place, with the possibility of travelling to 178 countries without a visa, is shared by five countries – Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

The third place is also shared by five countries (Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland) whose citizens can enter 177 countries without a visa.

Six countries are in fourth place – Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Ireland and South Korea – and their citizens don’t need a visa for 176 countries.

Eight countries rank fifth in the world – Singapore, Greece, Norway, Czech Republic, UK, Hungary, Japan and New Zealand – as holders of their passport don’t need a visa to travel to 175 countries.

Three passports share the sixth place Slovakian, American and Australian, while Slovenia shares the 7th place with four other countries – Malta, Estonia, Lithuania and Canada. Passport holders from these two groups of countries can travel to 174 and 173 countries visa-free respectively.

Another neighbouring country is in the top 10 – Croatia, which shares that place with Latvia, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Holders of the Bulgarian, Romanian or Cypriot passport are in the 11th place.

The Serbian passport is in 32nd place and if you hold this passport you can travel to 137 countries visa-free.

Of other regional countries, Montenegro is ranked 37th (as is Turkey), while Bosnia and Herzegovina’s passport is in 44th place.  

(Danas, 27.12.2023)


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