Which are the best paid jobs in Serbia?

The best-paid jobs in Serbia are definitely those related to computer programming/software development and consulting and related jobs, as the average monthly salary in these professions in October was 215,869 dinars, according to the State Bureau of Statistics.

The ICT sectors also have high salaries, with a net average of 158,156 dinars.

People working in air transport, where the October average is 159,590 dinars, in the crude oil and natural gas exploitation sector with 130,000 dinars, and in service, mining and geological research activities, with an average of 110,595, can also boast high income.

The highest average in the processing industry was achieved in the production of coal and oil derivatives with 114,209 dinars, while an average of over 100,000 dinars was also recorded in the pharmaceutical sector.

Financial and insurance workers traditionally have high incomes, with an average of 101,706 dinars. An average of 140,908 dinars was recorded in the field of scientific research and development.

At the other end are those with the lowest incomes, mainly people working in food preparation and service with an average of 36,978 dinars, travel agencies, tour operators and reservation services whose October average just exceeded 40,000 dinars, followed by repairmen of computers, personal or household items, who earned an average of 41,340 dinars.

(Srbija Danas, 27.12.2021)



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