Where was the flu vaccine manufactured?

Epidemiologist Zoran Radovanović, who has insisted for months the authorities revealing the truth about the exact number of people infected and dying from the coronavirus, is now investigating whether the new flu vaccine, which is currently being distributed in health care facilities throughout Serbia, was actually produced in Serbia, i.e. at Belgrade’s Torlak Institute.

The flu vaccine, allegedly produced by Torlak, was distributed in Serbia days ago, first 50,000 doses, then the remaining 250,000.

“It is difficult to get to the truth because no one will admit it. It is almost certain that something stinks here. That’s why I am constantly asking questions but getting no replies,”says Radovanović.

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He also mentions that there is no information on the official website of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices about issuing a certificate for the flu vaccine, which, says Radovanović, is very strange.

“The certificate of analysis can be avoided in some extraordinary circumstances, but we are not in such circumstances now,” he warns.

“You can’t make a vaccine without eggs. I have insider information and these insiders are afraid of losing their jobs if I mention their names. I can’t name names but it is indicative that they said Torlak did not have eggs (needed to make the vaccine). The eggs have been purchased only recently and supposedly delivered only yesterday, while the Torlak vaccine has been circulating for several days. How was it produced? ” asks Radovanović.

He said he received information that the vaccine was procured in bottles, and subsequently poured into individual packs.

Also, the vaccine was tested on soldiers and police officers, which is why it was allowed to be distributed to the population aged 18 to 65.

“The Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices could not bypass that fact. Only the working segment of the population took part in the test “, says the expert, also underlining that before getting the vaccine, the patients need to sign a form, confirming that the vaccine is given to them on a voluntary basis.

(Nova, 20.10.2020



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