Where is the terrible smell in Belgrade coming from?

Smoke from the Vinča landfill could be smelled in some parts of Belgrade even during the night.

As reported by the authorities, residents in the Braće Jerković neighbourhood and those living in Vojvode Stepe Street, felt the stench of the smoke the most. Experts say that it is due to the wind changing direction while teams of firefighters are constantly working on extinguishing the fire on the landfill.

According to current measurements of the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in Vinča is extremely polluted. According to the website Airvisual, the concentration of PM particles in Belgrade is three times higher than the permitted values.

The unpleasant burning smell coming from the Vinča landfill was felt on Sunday in almost all of Belgrade. The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, said that the fire on the landfill was under control but that it would last for several days, although there was no danger of it spreading.

Apart from the landfill fire, every summer, for a certain period of time, the Belgrade citizens can feel a stench that does not seem to be caused by substances originating from technological processes or toxic gases. As well as in the city centre, unpleasant smells can be found in Karaburma, Mirijevo, Zvezdara, Novi Beograd and Borča. Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić once spoke of this problem, which is repeated every year:

“The unpleasant smells that the inhabitants of Karaburma and Mirijevo have been complaining about in recent days come from Ada Huja. The stench is caused by the presence of faecal matter in the open; the problem is that a third of the city has no sewers, as well as the fact that our canals and rivers, such as the Topčiderka, act as open-air dumps for faecal matter”.

(Nova, Blic, 10.08.2021)



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