Where did Aleksandar Vulin get the cash for his flat?

The Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic branded the statements about the editor of the KRIK website, made by the officials from the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), as “inappropriate”. She also agrees with the suggestion made by the Serbian President for the relevant institutions to investigate where did the Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin get the cash for the purchase of his new flat.

“It is inappropriate for anyone to insult, slander, humiliate or physically attack journalists”, Mihajlovic said. She added that she fully agreed with the proposal made by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic about the relevant government agencies investigating where did Vulin get the money for the flat.

The people from SPS called the editor of the KRIK website, Stefan Dojcinovic a “drug addict” and a “foreign mercenary” following KRIK publishing an article about the origin of the money (over 200,000 EUR) that Vulin had spent on buying himself a new flat.

KRIK also reported that “minister Aleksandar Vulin cannot prove the origin of the 200,000 EUR that he spent on buying himself and his wife a flat. He gave a very unconvincing explanation to the Anti-Corruption Agency about the money saying that he had borrowed it from his wife’s aunt who lived in Canada”.

According to the relevant law, every government minister has to report to the Anti-Corruption Agency all their assets and income, including real estate that they own.

The Agency did compile a report about the matter and concluded that Vulin, at the time when he bought the flat, did not have enough money for it. It also noted several other illogicalities. On the other hand, Vulin submitted to the Agency unsigned statements and refutable evidence to the Agency, every single time changing his story about how did he get the money for the flat. However, his claims were not convincing enough, and the Agency decided to submit it report to the Organized Crime Prosecution Office, suspecting that Vulin was involved in some kind of criminal activity.

The three-bedroom flat in question spans 107 square metres, and is located in a new building in a Belgrade quarter of Zvezdara.

(Politika, KRIK, 28.09.2017)



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