Where can Serbian citizens go on vacation?

About one million Serbian citizens, i.e. those who vacation in Greece every year, seem to be waiting (in vain) today for Greece to “review” the decision from early July, when the Greek government completely banned Serbian nationals from entering the country.

According to unofficial sources, Greece will, in fact, extend the entry ban for Serbian citizens even after 15 July, at least until 1 August, which means that the Serbian citizens will not be able to enter Greece even after presenting a negative PCR test.

Judging by the increasingly difficult situation with the growing coronavirus epidemic, there is little chance that Greece will change its decision, and if it does, the negative PCR test will have to be “no older than 72 hours” on arrival at the border, which is impossible, given that many are waiting for test results for more than a week.

So, where can Serbian citizens vacation abroad?

The day before yesterday, the Croatian government decided that Serbian citizens travelling to Croatia will have to spend two weeks in quarantine after entering the country. Serbian citizens can also enter if they present a negative PCR test, but “no older than 48 hours (counting from the moment they took the swab to the border crossing)”. This, once again, is practically impossible for citizens of Serbia, who wait for the test result sometimes even a week.

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This measure does not apply to health workers and researchers and transit passengers.

Hungary has also up the measures, so, from Wednesday, citizens of Serbia can only enter the country after a medical examination and only if quarantined after they enter.

During the weekend, Italy, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, introduced mandatory two-week quarantine for Serbian citizens entering the country.

The BBC reported on Friday that the British government had decided that Serbia has been removed from the list of countries whose citizens don’t need to be quarantined on arrival in Britain due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in Serbia.

On Friday, North Macedonia, which has been hit hard by new outbreaks of coronavirus, said that citizens of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo must undergo a negative PCR test to enter (no older than 72 hours), except for a maximum transit period of 5 hours.

In addition, all persons entering Romania from Serbia, regardless of nationality, are obliged to respect the restrictive measure of 14-day-home-isolation.

 Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz warned Austrian citizens on Friday not to travel to the Western Balkans and not to pay for COVID-19 tests there, “because there are more and more cases of infection on a daily basis, which origins may be linked to the Western Balkans,” Kurz said.

At the same time, Sebastian Kurz questioned the validity of the (cheaper) COVID-19 tests in holiday destinations in the Western Balkans. In this regard, Austria announced on 1 July that, despite the EU Council’s recommendations on the opening of borders, it will not open its borders to citizens of the Western Balkans, with the exception of the holders of the Austrian passport.

Montenegro has never reopened its borders to Serbia.

After opening its borders on 1 July, the Netherlands closed its borders on Thursday 8 July for tourists from Serbia and Montenegro.

The Bulgarian border is still open to Serbian citizens without any restrictions.

In addition, Albania does not require self-isolation or a negative PCR test, so citizens of Serbia can go to Albania.

Similarly, the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina is still open, so citizens of Serbia can go to the Bosnian coastline, the town of Neum, without any restrictions.

They can also fly to Turkey or Spain, which remain open, without restrictions.

(Nova.rs, 13.07.2020)


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