Where are the highest salaries in Serbia?

The highest gross salaries in April 2022 in Serbia, according to data from the State Statistics Office, were in Belgrade, where an average salary amounted to 91,828 dinars. The lowest gross average salary was paid out in Bojnik (southern Serbia) – 49,315 dinars.

Among Belgrade municipalities, the average salary was exceeded in Vračar, Novi Beograd, Savski Venac and Stari Grad, with Vracar leading the way with an average salary of 121,877 dinars. These are the only municipalities in Serbia with an average salary of more than 100,000 dinars. If we compare the average salary in Vračar with the one in Bojnik, the average salary in Vračar is almost two and a half times higher than in Bojnik.

In terms of regions, Vojvodina occupies second place with 69,348 dinars, after Belgrade, followed by southern and eastern Serbia with 63,469 dinars, while in Šumadija and western Serbia the average gross salary stood at 61,223 dinars.

In Vojvodina, the highest gross average salary was in Novi Sad (85,910 dinars), and the lowest in Bač (55,023 dinars). In terms of areas, the highest average was in the Belgrade area – 91,828 dinars, and the lowest in the Jablanički district – 55,377 dinars.

Out of six municipalities and cities in the Jablanički district, only one, Medveđa, had an average gross salary of over 60,000 dinars, while, as reported before, Bojnik had the lowest income out of all settlements in this district.

Also, Bojnik is the only settlement in Serbia with an average gross salary of less than 50,000 dinars.

(Vesti Online, 26.06.2022)




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