Where are packages that people from Serbia ordered from AliExpress?

People from Serbia, who often buy on the most popular shopping website AliExpress, no longer can order goods from the website on same terms and conditions as before because the Chinese vendor first abolished the option of free delivery for Serbia, so packages started to arrive later and later, until they disappeared altogether upon arriving in Serbia.

The consumer association Efektiva states that ordered goods can no longer be traced once they arrive in Serbia and because of this, some online vendors have decided to no longer ship to Serbia. The Serbian Post Office, on the other hand, states that “due to circumstances of force majeure, the Serbian Post cannot assume any responsibility for lost packages”.

The same thing happened at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when the shipment was interrupted causing three-month-delay in the delivery of international orders. The Serbian Post Office acted just like other postal administrations, i.e. in accordance with the recommendations and announcements of the International Postal Union.

“All international orders, including items bought online, are processed, distributed and delivered in accordance with the Law on Postal Services, prescribed procedures and delivery deadlines, immediately upon arrival at the Serbian Post Office and after completion of customs procedures,” the Serbian Post Office says.

A similar explanation comes from the Serbian Customs Administration, which states that all shipments, from receipt to delivery, are located in the premises of the Serbian Post Office, and that customs officers do not have the right of access to these goods. They also add that during the control and customs clearance of postal items, the customs officer is never alone, i.e. the packages are sorted by the Commission in premises and the whole processes is completely covered by video surveillance 24 hours a day.

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“As for the allegations that small shipments “are disappearing en masse,” we would like to underline that there may be a delay due to the suspension of air traffic since the beginning of the pandemic. Transport has been interrupted, causing delays in international shipments. Part of the shipments sent from China to Serbia in February and March arrived in June and July,” said the Customs Administration.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that many people from Serbia can no longer purchase goods at favourable conditions from AliExpress. Efektiva states that shoppers from Serbia can only buy items costing up to $4.99, because AliExpress has calculated that they could a loss of maximum of $4.99.

Efektiva also says that it has not yet managed to obtain a convincing response from the line authorities.

(Blic, 28.07.2020)



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