Where are highest and lowest salaries in Serbia?

According to the data collated by the State Statistical Office, the average net salary in August in Serbia amounted to 75,282 dinars, with pronounced differences between regions and cities.

The highest average salary was recorded in Belgrade – 94,628 dinars, or its municipality of Vračar 127,503 dinars. The region of Šumadija and Western Serbia have the lowest average salaries— 63,435 dinars and 50,413 dinars respectively.

Vojvodina has the second-highest average salary of 71,420 dinars, while in the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia the August net average was 65,203 dinars.

The differences are also large in Belgrade itself, so the average salary in Vračar is twice as high as that in Barajevo, which was 63,377 dinars.

The six-figure average salary was also recorded in the Belgrade municipalities of Novi Beograd — 123,036, Savski Venac — 116,624 and Stari Grad — 126,626 dinars.

Apart from Bojnik, two more municipalities from the Jablanica region — Vlasotince and Lebane have the lowest average salaries – 52,668 dinars and Lebane 53,600 dinars, respectively.

Similar average salaries were recorded in Ražanj (52,680 dinars), Preševo (51,316) and Blace (52,964 dinars).

(Vesti Online, 31.10.2022)



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